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MARKET SIZEFor the opening, the writer would like to quote a favorite saying of his was about the importance of using Facebook for business.

True to what he said Davide Grasso, Facebook now seems to have crept into every breath, the life of people, particularly in Vietnam, the number of current users according to updates on the Facebook ads to 28,000,000 accounts. A huge number!

While it may be a lot of virtual account, but that number speaks to us of the scale, and the tremendous potential of this market. It would be a pity and blame if you do not participate in it.

Currently, the number of facebook users mainly fall into the 13-35 age group, the age interval of maximum power consumption of human life. Accordingly:

Age 13-17 accounted for 20% of users.

Age 18-24 accounted for 43% of users.

Age 24-35 accounted for 28% of users.

Age 35-44 accounted for 6% of users.

If we pay attention to customer preferences as well as their sector are trading figures, there will be very remarkable.

Based on the chart divides users, we found the amount of potential customers in the industry is not small, if not is tremendous. Therefore, the most unfortunate thing is that you do not take advantage of the client system immediately giant. Most of the business sector can be on facebook I want to emphasize this again!


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